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The Leading Edge

Jul 28, 2021

Jame Cofran is the CEO of THRUUE, an expert management consultancy that works at the intersection of culture and strategy. Prior to his time at THRUUE, he served as the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development at CGI and was the Vice President of Financial Services Products at American Management Systems. 

Jame has more than thirty years of experience promoting the connection between strategy and culture. He specializes in helping organizations and people recognize and wield the power they need to achieve their potential to perform and grow. He is also a zealous competitive sailor and has competed in races in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Aegean Sea. 

In this episode...

Company culture: everyone knows it’s important; everyone knows that a strong culture helps create strong performance and that a passive or toxic culture is enervating or destructive. But when it comes to changing culture — well, as someone said, that can be like trying to nail Jell-o to a wall. How can you identify and change the areas of cultural weakness in your company? In what ways can you measure your organization’s gap between culture and strategy?

Jame Cofran knows. He is the CEO of THRUUE, a company that helps clients connect strategic planning to culture change from the start, rather than trying to do “the culture piece” separately. Jame says THRUUE’s clients have on average increased their growth rate by 9.47% after engaging with them to set strategy and shift culture — drawing a straight line that connects strategy to employee experience and front-line work to corner-office priorities. 

In this episode of The Leading Edge, Tom and Jame discuss practical ways to marry culture and strategy, so that culture is something you do, not just something you feel — and so that strategy is an outgrowth of who you are, not just a set of PowerPoint bullets. This is The Leading Edge — a podcast where new ideas are cultivated and leaders find their edge to succeed. Subscribe to never miss another episode!