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The Leading Edge

Aug 25, 2021

Jeff Sonnenfeld is the Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies at the Yale School of Management, where he also serves as the Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management. Sonnenfeld is also the Founder of the Chief Executive Leadership Institute (CELI), a nonprofit educational and research institute focused on corporate governance and executive leadership.

In addition to this, Sonnenfeld is the author of eight books on leadership — most notably, The Hero’s Farewell: What Happens When CEOs Retire. His research has been published in 100 scholarly articles and he frequently contributes to CNBC and Fortune.

In this episode:

What can CEOs do to avoid corporate atrophy? Why is it so vital for today’s leaders to participate in critical discussions? Jeff Sonnenfeld talks about this and more as he joins Tom on The Leading Edge — a place where leaders look to find the edge that brings success for themselves, their teams, and their enterprises.

According to Sonnenfeld, corporate leadership works best when a network of executives is working toward greater social impact and business development. With decades of experience with corporate governance and CEO leadership, Sonnenfeld knows the challenges leaders face when pushing the limits in their businesses. As he says, the best CEOs succeed by seeking feedback from their peers and adopting a forward-thinking mindset.

In this episode of The Leading Edge, Thomas A. Stewart is joined by Jeff Sonnenfeld, the Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies at the Yale School of Management, to discuss leadership in the corporate ecosystem. Together they talk about the engine of innovation for executives, the generational gap in governance, and the importance of placing value in people and communities for a sustainable future.