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The Leading Edge

Oct 6, 2021

Eric Herrenkohl is the Managing Director of Executive Coaching and Executive Career Services for AchieveNEXT, a management consulting firm for emerging and mid-market enterprises. He is also the best-selling author of the book, How To Hire A-Players, the creator of the A-Player Executive and Leadership Leverage coaching systems, and works with executives to improve financial results.

Milton Corsey is the Director of Human Capital Solutions at AchieveNEXT. Throughout his career, he’s also been a Professor Emeritus at Rowan College of South Jersey. Corsey has worked to transform the growth of some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies. 

In this episode:

What makes some leaders so much more effective than others? How can changes in leaders/ behavior release more power and energy from their teams? Eric Herrenkohl and Milton Corsey talk about this and more as they join Thomas A. Stewart on The Leading Edge — a place where new ideas emerge and are sharpened, and where leaders look to find the edge that brings success for themselves, their teams, and their enterprises. 

Understanding leverage is the key to success for leaders, say Herrenkohl and Corsey, experts in leadership and growth development. When leaders don’t give their teams room to operate and act, both become less effective. Think about a lever, Herrenkohl and Corsey say: If the lever’s too short--if you stand too close to the fulcrum--its power to work diminishes. 

Making leverage possible isn’t easy and, for many detail- and performance-oriented people, standing back doesn’t come naturally. It requires training and continual support. Herrenkohl’s work focuses on coaching senior executives, and Corsey’s, is about building leadership competencies throughout an organization: They both find that understanding the principles of leadership leverage is the necessary first step toward strengthening individuals, teams, and ultimately enterprises. A great leader builds a program and utilizes practices that transform the likelihood of success. By acquiring a pattern of continual improvement and growth, the enterprise and its employees will benefit. 

In this episode of The Leading Edge, Thomas A. Stewart is joined by Eric Herrenkohl, Managing Director of Executive Coaching and Executive Career Services at AchieveNEXT, and Milton Corsey, Director of Human Capital Solutions for AchieveNEXT, to discuss the importance of leverage in leadership. Together, they discuss cultivating a growth mindset, intentionally building leadership architecture, and key elements that strengthen a leader. Stay tuned.