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The Leading Edge

Jul 14, 2021

Professor Larry Inks is an award-winning Clinical Associate Professor in the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. As a professor, he teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as within the college’s executive education programs. 

In addition to teaching, Professor Inks also offers management consulting to external organizations. He has many years of experience working in leadership positions for several prominent companies, including Cardinal Health, AlliedSignal, and PepsiCo. Professor Inks specializes in the application of human resource initiatives and holds a doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology. 

In this episode:

How do you put the workplace back together again after the stresses, strains, and experiments of the COVID-19 pandemic? Is it in your company’s best interest to continue with a remote workforce, or are you better off with a return to the office? What can you do to optimize your strategic decisions in the midst of such uncertainty? Professor Larry Inks talks about this and more as he joins Thomas A. Stewart on The Leading Edge — a place where new ideas emerge and are sharpened, and where leaders look to find the edge that brings success for themselves, their teams, and their enterprises.

Professor Inks proposes that there isn’t a simple solution for every business — but there are ways to make smart decisions about how your company should proceed. Instead of rushing forward blindly to accomplish what you can do, he instead suggests taking your time to figure out what you should do. There’s no hurry, but if you’re looking for a competitive advantage, you’ll need the courage to follow through on whatever you discover is best. 

Professor Larry Inks joins Thomas A. Stewart on this episode of The Leading Edge to discuss the best strategies for approaching the return-to-work dilemma. Listen in as Professor Inks reveals how to gain a competitive advantage by taking your time to fully examine your company’s needs from both a short-term and long-term perspective before making your next move. Plus, Professor Inks explores what some of the studies have to say about the advantages and disadvantages of a remote workforce. Stay tuned for more!